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What Succeeder Say About Us

" Talk of The Town is a very good institution where you can improve your communication skills by providing sessions and also Pragnya mam is a very friendly and interactive person with whom you can share your problem and she can help you out by herself or by the provided trainer.
All the sessions I have attended were helped me a lot to improve my thinking as well as the area you have to know before facing an interview and GD.
Rajeev sir, Bishnu sir are well explained, and giving examples of any questions is mostly based on their experiences. Arnab sir is well explained about his experiences from where he improved. Pragnya mam is a very well managed lady who managed all the sessions in a very good way by adding many experienced trainers. I am happy to be a learner in this Institution in this pandemic situation by online conducted sessions."

Sanghamitra Panda

I found the training refreshing and motivating – there were many elements of my life both at work and home that I recognised from this that can be made better, so thank you team TOT for providing this platform . Bishwaroop sir was a very engaging trainer and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone. Rajeev sir was enthusiastic and really aware of what he was explaining.
Now, there are many things to think about from a new perspective. All topics were relevant to the ‘real world’ and lots to work on ourselves after the training.” Overall, It was a well delivered ,informative and wonderfully presented training course in which I have learned alot and moreover I have enjoyed it too. I have also attended all the webinars of TOT, all I can say is hats off to team TOT especially Pragnya ma'am for such a great work.May God showers all the blessings on you and TOT will reach to high echelons of success.
Thanks a bunch!!

Shruti Kapoor

I wanted to feedback on the totally brilliant Assertiveness skill course, I attended. I hope it will change both my work and personal life in such a positive way. I will employ the skills and tips I learnt. The experience with TOT team from start to finish was faultless. " Very informative, really made me think about possible scenarios particularly in the work place." Kindly find the attachment.
Thanks once again!

Sangita Sahni

Dear Talk of the Town Team
It was one of the best learning experiences I had,by TALK OF THE TOWN BBSR .Right from the beginning the trainers are well equipped with appropriate knowledge, which helps to identify the need of the TeachersTraining. It is completely based on projects and practical ways of finding solutions. The classes are very interactive and expand our knowledge. Practicing listening exercises are really very effective and helpful.
Over all environment during the session is very friendly and the best thing about TOT is that anytime we can clear the doubts. We also get knowledge how to tackle the toughesr situation in an easy way . "Overall I am very much happy and recommend others to join TOT specially for "TEACHERS TRAINING PROGRAM".

Jyoti Kapoor

It was a great experience learning with such highly experienced mentors. I have learnt alot. I was fortunate that I got this apportunity to be a part of Talk of the Town training program. I enjoyed the activities, we performed together and learnt different ways how to make the teaching interesting and enjoyable for the students.
Friendly nature of the mentors always helped me to be comfortable during the sessions. I am really thankful to Mr.Rajeev and Biswaroop sir, for their valuable guidance. Thank you Pragnya for your kind support.

Rooma Afzal

I am happy to share my experience with Talk of the Town Team that it is really an amazing online platform in which i have got a chance to shape my fluency better...
also I have come across some of the new vocabs & some development in grammar also...I'm really satisfied with all the interactive sessions...& one of the best part of talk of the town is- it paves a path towards a better GD & interview experience ....& all these experiences will help me in future in a long run...

Sidharth Das

" My experience with Conversing in English is a very good one. I had been trying with other methods to learn English for years but I had the feeling that my English did not improve -that I was stuck on the same level.Thanks to *TOT* and all the teachers of Conversing in English, I am improving my English day by day and I am much more confident.With this method you have a lot of flexibility to bring your own pace, the teachers are of different abilities being exposed to a variety of accents.After each class, you receive a task that is very useful.All the teachers are very attentive and the classes are very entertaining. You learn something new every day, they adapt to my level which makes my classes more efficient.I really recommend this method if you want to improve your English in an easy and fun way." Thanks to all My Teacher's..

Sanket Bhatnagar

" First of all, it's a great honour to be a part of this talk of the town. I learnt a lot. I learnt many presentation skills. How to speak better in English perfectly. How to Ask and answer the questions in formal occasions. How to handle some issues and situations perfectly in English. It makes language easier. I would like to thank my trainers. Mr Rajeev sir,Mr Amit sir, Mr rajdeep sir and special thanks to prangyan mam .

Snehalata mantry

Good going. Before joining TALK OF THE TOWN i couldn't speak English WELL . TALK OF THE TOWN is a good platform . all teachers are teaching us well . pragnya ma'am also very good.she is always helping me clearing any doubt. All teachers are encouraging me. Very cooperative.Frnds are very good. They are helping in finding words . well improvement in just 3weeks I hope after 2 month i speak fluently. Thanx TALK OF THE TOWN for giving us this opportunity.

Annapurna Nayak