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Role of Spoken English in the Corporate World

Whether you accept it or not, English has become the universal language for corporate communication. With each passing day, more and more MNCs are accepting English as their official language for communication. Speaking fluent English facilitates effective communication despite geographical and cultural differences. 

The need to work with teams across the border has accelerated the use of English in the present world scenario. Spoken English classes in Bhubaneswar play a major role and contribute to shaping the fluency of the public. Let’s look at some factors that have mandated the use of English in the corporate world. 

1. Globalization 

When employees from different geographical dimensions are supposed to work together to achieve a common goal, language differences will make it hard to deal with. An employee from Mexico might need some assistance from an organization from Pakistan.  Mastering a single language will lead to a smooth conversation between teams. Passing of first-hand information leads to enhanced decision making process. 

2. Competitive pressure 

The art of buying or selling complete depends how well you communicate with the person in front. In this industry, you’ll encounter a diverse range of suppliers, clients, and multiple business partners. You can’t always expect them to understand your mother tongue. Organizations that do not pay much attention to finalizing a standard language for operation limit their growth to the local market. 

Such companies won’t be able to give a tough competitors to their opponents who have a strong English speaking team. In case the team lags behind in language comprehension, the company should introduce the team with spoken English class in BBSR.

  • Great speeches and presentations 

As an employee, you’re expected to have a great presentation skills. Not knowing the standard language of operation, English, fluently will hamper your presentation no matter how good the content is. They’ll undermine your presentation skills if English speaking isn’t your forte. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a great hold over the language, English. It let’s you fluently translate your ideas that’ll seal the deal. Just having it in your mind isn’t enough, you got to express it to the target-audience successfully. 

  • Make the first impression good

Both writing and speaking English should be fluent. One without the other won’t help you mark the first impression quite well. And let’s face it, people judge by the way one speaks. Plus, while speaking the pronunciations and accents differ from place to place. 

So, whenever you’re going to join, do a little bit of homework about the kind of English they’re speaking. For instance, if you’re going to interview for a company in Bhubaneswar, enroll in the spoken English course in Bhubaneswar. It’s the best way to get to know their way around the language. 

  • Gives you a competitive edge 

If you’be been working for quite some time, you already know the advantageous position that knowing English puts you in. While you’re competing for your dream job, having fluency in speaking and writing English will give you a competitive edge over others. 

Not merely that, you also become capable enough to keep a side hustle for extra-income. Whether it’s walking dogs, babysitting, assisting customers at shop, event management, etc. your knowledge of the common language allows you to take up extra jobs. 

  • Better relationship with colleagues 

Working onsite calls for the need of collaboration and teamwork. In case you’re working from home, the need becomes even more crucial. Interacting with the other employees is a must. And you can’t avoid that. In case you’re not fluent with the language that they’re in, you’ll be in a difficult situation. It might even lead to misunderstandings, which will further risk your job. 

So, it’s advised to work on your interpersonal and language skills. The best thing to do is enroll in spoken English classes in Bhubaneswar. Not only they’ll help polish your language, but also help you overcome shyness and shape your personality.  

  • You’re just expected to know 

Back in the pre-globalization days, English knowledge was appreciation worthy. It was used to measure a person’s intellect. Accept it or not, it marked the level of sophistication and knowledge. However, things have undergone a lot of changes now.

In the present world scenario, company owners and leaders expect their employees to be fluent in speaking and writing english, despite of their education and background. Doesn’t matter whether you come from a different country with very little scope of learning the language, you’re expected to know it. 

  • Allows to travel 

Situations might arise when your company has to choose one among the employees and send them abroad to crack a business deal. And everyone knows, traveling for business is quite exciting and fun. Not only do you get to represent your company, but also get to explore a new place without spending a penny. 

Having a great command over English increases the chances of you getting chosen for the business meet. So, be prepared in advance. Enroll in the spoken English class in BBSR to be prepared for the arrival of the opportunity. 


Professional help is a great way to kickstart your learning journey. While you’re at it, make sure you put additional efforts such as reading English newspapers daily, play word games, listen to audiobooks or podcasts, try out online exercises, etc. The professionals will show you the right direction. It’s you who has to take the action. 

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