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How to ensure your English pronunciation is right

Communication gap is a major difficulty that arises out of the wrong pronunciation of English words. It could be a major drawback while you’re trying to socialize. You might have come across phrases like “Sorry, come again!” or “What? I didn’t get you.” We understand that these phrases will drastically bring down your confidence level. However, worry no more.

Spoken English classes in Bhubaneswar will come to your aid. You will have a shoulder to lean on during the struggle in your journey to English fluency. In this guide, we will reveal some strategies you could adopt in your day-to-day life to make a remarkable difference in your English pronunciation.

Accent vs. Pronunciation

Before diving right into the topic, it’s essential to clear the basics. Although these terms are used interchangeably, they’re quite different from each other in reality.

Accent refers to the entire manner of your speaking that varies from region to region. In different accents, words are pronounced differently. However, it’s important to remember that the definition of accent is not confined to different pronunciations only. Different vocabulary and grammatical styles also fall under its ambiguity.

On the contrary, pronunciation is the way of articulating a word. The way your mouth is shaped, the way your tongue moves, placement, and whether or not a sound is heard are some of the major factors that play a key role.

For instance, when an English person pronounces “water,” it sounds way different than a person from the United States pronouncing the same. 

Top tips to help you improve your pronunciation

If you’re of the opinion that a spoken English course in Bhubaneswar will erase all your worries, you’re not entirely right. Read on to find out the tips that will help you succeed in your journey.

  • Figure out the errors

Once you start getting conscious about your pronunciation, it’s a sign that you are most probably pronouncing it in the wrong way. When you embark on your journey to English fluency, only understanding the theory won’t get the job done. You will also have to observe the pronunciation of native English speakers.

See how their lips move and the way their mouth stretches. Later, you can rehearse the words and practice how their lips move in front of the mirror.

  • Shadowing

In layman’s language, shadowing refers to the idea of repeating words immediately after you listen. It’s similar to the way an echo or shadow follows. Hence, it justifies the term shadowing. All physical aspects of fluency are positively affected because of practicing. The aspects include rhythm, tones, pronunciation, muscle memory development in the mouth, and pitch.

Any audio can be interpreted and shadowed by native speakers. A podcast is also a great option that you could go for.

  • Record yourself

The spoken English class in BBSR will last for a maximum of one or one and a half hours. Post the session; your job is to rehearse and pronounce the words repeatedly. During your rehearsal session, make it a point to record it and listen to it later. While you scrutinize your performance, compare your pronunciation of yours to that of native speakers.

For instance, during shadowing a podcast or any audio, record yourself. Play it over and over again. Point out the word that sounds like you’ve pronounced it differently than the original one. Keep working on it by practicing those sounds.

  • Read Aloud

Did your mother encourage you to read out the words aloud while studying? Well, it was for a reason. It’s to ensure you get better at pronunciation. Figure out what’s your favorite English magazine or online website. Make it a habit to read out loud at least five pages daily. Your vocabulary collection will expand, and at the same time, it’ll give you a safe space to practice that’s free of any judgment.

The goal is to stick to the practice until you nail it. In case any doubt arises in your mind, look it up in the dictionary to figure out the exact pronunciation and meaning. Get an English native speaker to regulate your performance and rectify the mistakes for further assistance.

  • Proceed slowly

It’s a widely believed myth that a good English speaker talks too fast. It’s believed that it’ll make you appear more proficient. But, things are quite different in reality. To have good communication skills in English, your body and mind need to align. It’s normal for you to get all worked up while speaking a language that’s not native to you. When your mind gets worked up, your body becomes stiff and tense. Therefore, it’s strongly advised to go easy with the words. Take your own sweet time to frame a sentence in your mind and then speak it out loud.


We hope the article can help you plan your journey to English fluency. You must adopt the tips mentioned above while taking spoken English classes in Bhubaneswar. Do not expect these strategies to work immediately. It requires the commitment of energy and time from your end. You’ll observe noticeable differences after a certain period.

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